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Focus on streamlined administrative red tape

To Focus on streamlined administrative red tape, optimization of the administrative system and recreation of a competitive atmosphere, more economic and social effectiveness, equilibrium between government and other economic sectors in the second and third five-year economic development plans convinced the government to approve the cession of Inspection Companies owned by the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum (MoP). To that effect, the National Iranian Petrochemical Company which had established TECHINCO ceded the majority of its shares to the private section. Today, more than 31 per cent of TECHINCO’s shares are trading in Tehran Stock Exchange and the rest of shares belong to Petrochemical Industrial Investment Company as a private holding

Why Techinco?

TECHINCO seeks to contribute to boosting quality standards

TECHINCO seeks to contribute to boosting quality standards through participation in the development of oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. To obtain this aim, TECHINCO assumes all its responsibilities under the aegis of its committed, qualified, motivated, dynamic and innovative staff. Due to its customer-oriented nature, TECHINCO respects all rights of its stakeholders and all people involved in the business chain.



To submit the best services, we put our customers’ right first based on our fundamental values which lead us to offer sustainable and reliable work. Our main values are: - Innovation and Creativity - Honesty and Trust - Respect and munificence.