Elevator, Escalator and Lifting Equipment Inspection

As an authorized inspection agency, we inspect elevators and escalators prior to commissioning and before their initial operation. This is a legal requirement based on industrial safety and health regulations (Iranian National Standards Organization), which classifies elevators and escalators as “equipment that requires monitoring.”

All new elevator and escalator systems are subject to the safety and health requirements of the Iranian elevator directive. As a manufacturer, you can choose whether to comply with commonly applied standards or to exceed them with your own technical solutions. Our experts can assist you during the planning phase and to assess the conformity of your elevators and escalators.

In addition, as a company which is specialist in lifting equipment inspection, we offer services based on national and international standards in order to certify that all the lifting work will be done safely. Through our service and branches we have the resources to deliver a comprehensive package of inspection services.

We work in partnership with our customers to help them comply with their obligations under Equipment Regulations. From simple manual lifting machines through to overhead gantry cranes with complex electronic control systems, we have the expertise to inspect all types of equipment, structures and systems. Our service approval also extends to height safety equipment.