Commodity and Equipment Construction Inspection

The main concern of any client indeed is to purchase goods in compliance with their requests. TECHINCO as a competent and independent company dedicates all its efforts to provide best services so as to ensure that all the processes in construction or supplying of goods are in accordance with project’s specification and relevant standards. Technical inspections can be executed, as appropriate, at the mill, plant or port. The extent, to which the inspection activities apply, depends upon the nature and the scope of the work to be performed and the importance and criticality of the equipment and services involved which might fall in below categories.

Equipment Inspection within the fabrication
Pre-Shipment Inspection
Loading /Discharge Supervision
Price Verification Inspection
Certificate of Inspection (COI)/Verification of Conformity (VOC)
Sampling Analysis

In-Service Inspection

In different industries safe and continues operation, in particular, oil and gas plants guarantees the ever-growing pace of progress of both individuals and community. To achieve this aim, TECHNCO provides wide verity of in-process inspections including calculation of materials remaining life, nondestructive examinations, and regular supervisions based on operational manuals, plant specifications and relevant standards.

Material Inspection

Materials’ trading provides independent inspection, sampling, testing and certification services which assist to protect the quantity and quality of commodities and reduce commercial risk in the trading environment. We rely on our experienced, motivated, and responsible staff in domestic customs to offer different inspection on materials which are intended to import or export. This job concentrates on below items:

Verifying of material specification and confirm with international standards
Loading supervision
Material inspection according to mandatory standard
Certificate of Inspection (COI)
Assessment of suppliers and equipment constructors
Quality control consulting of Raw materials

Elevator, Escalator and Lifting Equipment Inspection

As an authorized inspection agency, we inspect elevators and escalators prior to commissioning and before their initial operation. This is a legal requirement based on industrial safety and health regulations (Iranian National Standards Organization), which classifies elevators and escalators as “equipment that requires monitoring.”

All new elevator and escalator systems are subject to the safety and health requirements of the Iranian elevator directive. As a manufacturer, you can choose whether to comply with commonly applied standards or to exceed them with your own technical solutions. Our experts can assist you during the planning phase and to assess the conformity of your elevators and escalators.

In addition, as a company which is specialist in lifting equipment inspection, we offer services based on national and international standards in order to certify that all the lifting work will be done safely. Through our service and branches we have the resources to deliver a comprehensive package of inspection services.

We work in partnership with our customers to help them comply with their obligations under Equipment Regulations. From simple manual lifting machines through to overhead gantry cranes with complex electronic control systems, we have the expertise to inspect all types of equipment, structures and systems. Our service approval also extends to height safety equipment.

Risk Based Inspection

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is an optimal maintenance examine the Health, Safety and Environment and business risk of ‘active’ and ‘potential’ Damage Mechanisms to assess and rank failure probability and consequence. This ranking is used to optimize inspection intervals based on site-acceptable risk levels and operating limits, while mitigating risks as appropriate. RBI analysis can be qualitative, quantitative or semi-quantitative in nature.

TECHINCO operates RBI in engineering industries and predominantly in the oil and gas industry. Our sophisticated staffs have abilities to assess risk levels which are used to develop a prioritized inspection plan. Our team submits the unique services including accuracy as a function of analysis methodology, data quality and consistency of execution. We can also help you:

Analyzing of the probabilities and consequences of failures
Comply with all applicable regulations and standards
Provide a cost-effective inspection and maintenance program based on clients priority
Ensure mechanical integrity and reliability(COI)

Installation and Erection of Equipment Inspection

The most crucial and sensitive part of each project indeed is installation and erection work. TECHINCO get mainly involved in onshore and offshore construction projects and we perform different types of site inspections ranging from preliminary site compaction to commissioning through our departments including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation as well as welding and coating.

Prior to the start of any work our team draw up a plan and schedule in consultation with the clients for periodic testing of process modules and equipment at the different stages of the installation and erection. We have the capability to inspect steel structures stages and platforms, as well as various types of mechanical equipment such as pressure vessels, fired heaters, heat exchangers, boilers, storage tanks, towers, drums and pressure piping, and also rotary equipment and electrical and instrumentation work.