Risk Based

Risk Based Inspection

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is an optimal maintenance examine the Health, Safety and Environment and business risk of ‘active’ and ‘potential’ Damage Mechanisms to assess and rank failure probability and consequence. This ranking is used to optimize inspection intervals based on site-acceptable risk levels and operating limits, while mitigating risks as appropriate. RBI analysis can be qualitative, quantitative or semi-quantitative in nature.

TECHINCO operates RBI in engineering industries and predominantly in the oil and gas industry. Our sophisticated staffs have abilities to assess risk levels which are used to develop a prioritized inspection plan. Our team submits the unique services including accuracy as a function of analysis methodology, data quality and consistency of execution. We can also help you:

Analyzing of the probabilities and consequences of failures
Comply with all applicable regulations and standards
Provide a cost-effective inspection and maintenance program based on clients priority
Ensure mechanical integrity and reliability(COI)