Storage Tank

Storage Tank The metal bottom of a tank can produce an unnecessary inspection and maintenance effort in comparison to its initial cost. This reflects the difficulty in detecting corrosion of the tank floor, especially on the underside. Whilst it is unusual for a failed floor to lead directly to catastrophic failure of a storage tank, it is not impossible for it to do so. A more common failure mechanism is leakage through the floor damaging the tank foundations, which could lead to instability and eventual catastrophic failure. Recent developments in the methods available to inspect tank floors make remaining life predictions easier. The FloormapVS2i is one of the most advanced MFL floor scanners on the market today. Techinco also has a complimentary inspection tool namely the Hand Scan HS 100 system that is ideal for storage tanks of diameters lower than 10 m, petal floor plate designs or in situ heating coils.