Tube Inspection

Heat Exchanger, Air Cooler and Condenser Tubes

Eddy current test and remote field test can be used to inspect heat exchanger, air cooler and condenser tubes. Eddy current inspection is often used to detect corrosion, erosion, cracking and other changes in tubing. The eddy current test method and the related remote field testing method provide high-speed inspection techniques for these applications.

Eddy Current Testing provides the fastest and most accurate way to inspect non-ferrous heat exchanger tubing. Remote Field Testing (RFT) can only be performed on ferrous tubing with effective detection of wall loss.

Boiler, Heater and Reformer Tubes

Boiler, Heater and Reformer Tubes can be tested using different NDT methods. Ultrasonic R-Scan and Metal Magnetic Memory are used to inspect boiler tubes.